What is Virtual PBX?

As you start a business, installing a phone system is important. It connects you and your customers faster. Although it may seem easy to have a phone line at your office, but choosing the right system will make your business look professional.

What is Virtual PBX?

–        The purpose of installing phone number

Phone system can be varied according to the business purpose. It can be on marketing or a website. There are a few things to consider when choosing Virtual PBX. If you have a business phone number, the next thing you should do is to consider keeping it or make another one.

If you think you don’t need a new phone number, then keep the current number and make number porting.

–        Customer’s location

The phone numbers have to be closely related to customer location. If your goal is to reach local communities but you are not physically in that place, why not using toll free number to serve the customers outside your area? It will take you closer to your potential customers.

–        Numbers of employee

Determining which system to go should consider the amount of employee you have. The larger it is, the more extensions you need. If you have a plan to grow your business, it means that you will have more employees. You need phone system that will assist you to forward calls to each of them.


–        Toll free number

Toll free is important element in a business. Even for a small business, toll free number can help to make it look professional. What’s more, toll free number is easier to remember and it gives your customer a free way to contact you.

–        What about local number?

If it is necessary to have local number, then you should have it. Most businesses provide toll free and local number to make their local presence more visible to customers. However, if you thing it is unnecessary to have 2 phone lines, you should be great by having just a toll free number.

–        Vanity numbers

Many businesses come up with vanity numbers so customers don’t necessarily need to jot down their toll free number. Phone numbers such as 1800-cheers or 1800-buy can commonly be seen these days. It provides a convenient way to reach the service or business because customers normally remember which number to call. If the vanity numbers will help you with it, think about phrases that represents your business best.

–        Easy to forward a call

Virtual PBX system also helps you to determine whether a phone call should be sent to voice mail or not. The system helps to forward the calls you receive so when you need to work on something else, you can still accepting another call professionally. This allows you to take care of your issues without missing an important call. The system helps you to automatically transfer the phone call to the paths you choose, such as email or fax, etc. You can also use international feature of the system that allows you to forward a call to your international number outside U.S.